Project NameThe Venue
DeveloperCrescent View Developments Pte Ltd-A consortium between City Developments Ltd (CDL) and Hong Leong Holdings
ArchitectTo Be Advised
Site Area8200 sqm/ 88,268 sqft
No. Of Units266 Residential Units and 28 Commercial Units
Tenure99 Year Leasehold
Expected TOP6th Sept 2017
CarparkApprox 402 Carpark Lots (30 Lots For Commercial Owners) (80 Lots For Visitors) (292 Lots For Residents) (7 Handicap Lots)
Unit Types
  • 1 Bedroom: 495 to 753 sqft (24 units)

  • 2 Bedroom: 840 to 1130 sqft (114 units)

  • 2 Bedroom + Study Duplex: 1163 sqft (6 units)

  • 3 Bedroom: 1130 to 1313 sqft (72 units)

  • 3 Bedroom Dual Key: 1378 sqft (14 units)

  • 4 Bedroom: 1238 sqft (28 units)

  • Penthouses: 1948 to 2142 (8 units)

  • Restaurants/F&B: 323 to 1302 sqft (23 units)

  • Shops: 301 to 1130 sqft (5 units)

    Secant pile wall and /or diaphragm wall with cast in-situ bored piles and /or driven pre-cast reinforced concrete piles in accordance with Singapore Standard.

    2.SUPERSTRUCTURE (1st Storey Only)
    Pre-cast and / or cast in-situ reinforced concrete and / or composite steel encased columns with reinforced concrete flat slab and / or structural steel concrete decking composite framed structure in accordance with Singapore Standard and British Standard.

    3.WALLS (Shops / Restaurants)
    a.External Walls:Reinforced concrete and/or precast concrete panel and /or blockwall.
    b.Internal Walls:Masonry and/or lightweight concrete panels and/or in-situ and/or pre-cast reinforced concrete wall and/or drywall partition system and/or glass partition.

    a.Shops:Bare concrete finish and / or skim coat with emulsion paint finish.
    b.Restaurants:Bare concrete finish and / or skim coat with emulsion paint finish.
    c.Internal Toilets of Restaurants, where applicable:Bare concrete finish and / or skim coat with emulsion paint finish.

    a. Walls
    i Shops: Plaster and / or skim coat with emulsion paint.
    ii.Restaurants: Plaster and / or skim coat with emulsion paint.
    iii.Internal Toilets of Restaurants, where applicable: Tiles and / or plaster and / or skim coat with emulsion paint.
    b. Floor
    i Shops: Cement and sand screed finished.
    ii Restaurants: Cement and sand screed finished.
    ii Internal Toilets of Restaurants, where applicable: Tiles and / or plaster and / or skim coat with emulsion paint.

    Note: All floor finishes are to exposed surface area only.

    6. WINDOWS
    All windows of the toilets inside the Restaurants, where applicable, will be aluminum-framed with tinted and/or clear glass and/or frosted glass where appropriate.

    All shopfronts will be aluminium-framed with tinted and/or clear glass and /or blockwall finished with plaster and paint.

    8. DOORS
    a. Internal Toilets of Restaurants, where applicable: Timber and / or PVC door with louvers, where applicable. Good quality locksets and ironmongery to be provided to all doors.

    a. Internal Toilets of Restaurants, where applicable
    – 1 wash basin with basin tap
    – 1 water closet


    a. All electrical wiring shall be in accordance with current edition of Singapore Standard Code of Practice.
    b. Electrical Schedule:

    Units Nos: #01-07, #01-14, #01-17
    Electrical Provision: 30A 3-Phase

    Units Nos: #01-02, # 01-03, #01-04
    Electrical Provision: 40A 3-Phase

    Units Nos: #01-05, #01-09, #01-12, #01-15, #01-16, #01-23, #01-24,#01-25, #01-26,#01-27, #01-28,
    Electrical Provision: 60A 3-Phase

    Units Nos: #01-01, #01-06, #01-08, #01-10, #01-11, #01-13
    Electrical Provision: 100A 3-Phase

    Units Nos: #01-18, #01-19, #01-20, #01-21, #01-22
    Electrical Provision: 60A 1-Phase

    All units will be provided with Telephone Termination Point and Cable Television tap-off box at the corridor for future connection.

    Lightning protection system shall be provided in accordance with Singapore Standard.

    13. PAINTING
    a.Internal Walls: Emulsion paint
    b.External Walls: Textured coating paint and/or other approved exterior paint and / or concrete paint stains.

    Waterproofing shall be provided to floor slabs of Internal Toilets and Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof where applicable. Approved waterproofing in Kitchen shall be provided by owners.

    a.Surface Driveway: Stones and / or pavers and/or tarmac and/or concrete
    b.Basement Carpark and Ramp: Reinforced concrete slab with epoxy coating and / or polyurethane coating and / or hardener

    a. Railing: Steel for common stair railing.
    b. Plumbing, Sanitary and Gas
    Provision of water tap-off at high level and floor traps are provided to all Shops and Restaurants.
    Provision of gas pipes tap-off at high level for Restaurants only.
    c. Air Conditioning &Mechanical Ventilation System
    Provision of air-conditioning system to all Shops and Restaurants.
    Mechanical ventilation system to common toilets and carpark are provided in compliance to statutory requirements.
    d. Fire Protection System
    Fire Protection System provided in compliance with statutory requirements.
    e. Kitchen Exhaust System
    All Restaurants provided with kitchen exhaust fans and ducts. The main ductwork and fans will be installed for tap-off/ connection by the individual Purchaser.
    f. Lift Installation
    1 Passenger Lift

    Notes to the Specifications:
    a. Wall Retail
    No tiles behind kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, mirrors and above false ceiling. Wall surface above the false ceiling level will be left in its original bare condition.

    b. Cable Television and/or Internet Access
    The Purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fees to the StarHub Cable Vision Ltd (SCV) and/or internet service providers (ISP) or any other relevant party or any other relevant authorities. The Vendor is not responsible to make arrangements with any of the said parties for the service connection for their respective subscription channels and/or internet access.

    c. Fan Coil Units, Electrical Points, Fittings, Wares and Plaster Ceiling Boards
    Layout/location of fan coil units, electrical points, fittings, wares and plaster ceiling boards are subject to Architect’s sole discretion and final design.

    d. Warranties
    Where warranties are given by the manufacturers and/or contractors and/or suppliers of any of the equipment and/or appliances installed by the Vendor at the Unit/Building, the Vendor shall assign to the Purchaser such warranties at the time when possession of the Unit/Building is delivered to the Purchaser.

    e. Materials, Fittings, Equipment, Finishes, Installations and Appliances
    The brand, colour and model of all materials, fittings equipment, finishes, installations and appliances supplied shall be provided subject to Architect’s selection, market availability and the sole discretion of the Vendor.

    f. Air-conditioning system
    To ensure good working condition of the air-conditioning system, the system has to be maintained and cleaned by the Purchaser on a regular basis. This includes the clearing of filters and condensate pipes and re-charging of refrigerant. The Purchaser is advised to engage his/her own contractor to service the air-conditioning system on a regular basis in order to ensure good working condition of the system.

    g. Position and Provision of Power Points, Switches, TV and SCV Outlets and Other Items
    The position and provision of all power points, switches, TV and SCV outlets and other items listed in the Electrical Schedule as may be displayed in the showflat(s) are indicative and for illustration purposes only and subject to our Consultants’ design.

    h. Web Portal
    The Purchaser will have to pay the annual fee, subscription fee or any such fee to the service provider of the Web Portal of the Housing Project as may be appointed by the Vendor or the Management Corporation when it is formed.

    i. Glass
    Glass is a manufactured material that is not 100% pure. Invisible nickel sulphide impurities may cause spontaneous glass breakage, which may occur in all glass by all manufacturers. The Purchaser is recommended to take up home insurance covering glass breakage to cover this possible event.

    j. Mechanical Ventilation System
    To ensure good working condition of the mechanical ventilation system for the exhaust system, the system has to be maintained by the Purchaser on a regular basis.

    k. Tiles
    Selected tile sizes and tile surface flatness cannot be perfect and are subject to acceptable range described in Singapore Standards. Manufacturing and constructional tolerances are expected.